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The Cold Brown.  They served it at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  It’s a slice of toast.  Then lettuce, cold turkey breast, chopped egg, and bacon.  Smother the entire thing in Thousand Island dressing.  Live happy. Meanwhile, check out the sandwich below.  It’s a perfect example of beauty over function.  I love it!

Harvey in Barbara’s Studio

Harvey in Barbara’s studio.  Smokey Robinson on the wall next to them.

Baltimore’s Most Beautiful Dog Contest

Okay, I entered both my dogs in the Baltimore’s Most Beautiful Dog Contest.  I haven’t heard anything and it’s been a really long time.  So, I think they lost.  But, don’t tell them.  They’re very sensitive. It’s just as well.  I didn’t want one to win over the other.  It would have been hell around… Read More »

Al Hirschfeld


Oh, how I always wanted to own a piece by the great artist, Al Hirschfeld, master of the elegant line! I figured I had an extremely limited window of opportunity to afford an original by him.  It would have to be before he died, or the prices would skyrocket.  This was in the early 1990s’,… Read More »

Thaddea’s House in France


My friend Thaddea is an artist.  Her particular craft is creating beauty wherever she lives.  For the past decade she’s lived in Souvigny, a little village near Moulins, which is NW of Lyon and SW of Dijon, France.  Before that she lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thaddea’s friend Mona brought her friend Nancy Grayson… Read More »

So many B’s…


Today, in Brooklandville, Barbara saw a Bentley.  It was Beautiful!  But, Barbara needs a Benefactor!



When I was growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, there was a huge, magnificent magnolia tree in our front yard.  I’ve never forgotten it.  The satiny smooth white blossoms, the heady, intoxicating smell, the fuzzy brown undersides of its leaves… A few years ago I was walking in downtown DC with my brother, John.  We passed… Read More »

A Blogger…


Oh my God, I’m a blogger!  Since I refuse to be a jogger, why not a blogger? What do bloggers do?  I think they do stuff like post links.  So, here goes…  Go to Stuff for Sale.  Click on the CafePress store and you’ll find dirty cards.  Cards that stores are afraid to stock because… Read More »

A Place to Order Dale Cards

A Place to Order Dale Cards

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