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An Obsession With Food


I’m obsessed with food.  You can tell that from the pictures above.  I paint characters eating.  I serve cupcakes with faces on them to cartoonists.  I take a picture of the hotdog I’m served at the ballpark. When my brother and I were young my mother often made us breakfast.  She took a glazed donut,… Read More »

Stoop Storytelling: Charm School


You have to tell a story with no notes, just you, a mic, blinding lights, and seven hundred people.  It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  The theme of the show was family secrets.  There were seven of us.  To hear my secret, listen here

My Old Magnolia Tree


My cousin, John, who still lives in Louisville, Kentucky (where I grew up) just sent me this email: Barby, I noticed your posting on facebook about the magnolia tree at your old, old, old house.  I was over there the other day (we’re putting our house up finally).  Look at your tree now. John When… Read More »

Reddy Kilowatt


*** “It’s too simple, I said.  I didn’t know then it was simple, but eloquent.” (Carl Reiner in, “The 2000 Year Old Man” about the invention of the cross.) *** It’s not very often that I run across something that is absolutely perfect.  It never happens in complicated genres like books and movies.  They’re too… Read More »



The Cold Brown.  They served it at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  It’s a slice of toast.  Then lettuce, cold turkey breast, chopped egg, and bacon.  Smother the entire thing in Thousand Island dressing.  Live happy. Meanwhile, check out the sandwich below.  It’s a perfect example of beauty over function.  I love it!

Harvey in Barbara’s Studio

Harvey in Barbara’s studio.  Smokey Robinson on the wall next to them.

Baltimore’s Most Beautiful Dog Contest

Okay, I entered both my dogs in the Baltimore’s Most Beautiful Dog Contest.  I haven’t heard anything and it’s been a really long time.  So, I think they lost.  But, don’t tell them.  They’re very sensitive. It’s just as well.  I didn’t want one to win over the other.  It would have been hell around… Read More »

Al Hirschfeld


Oh, how I always wanted to own a piece by the great artist, Al Hirschfeld, master of the elegant line! I figured I had an extremely limited window of opportunity to afford an original by him.  It would have to be before he died, or the prices would skyrocket.  This was in the early 1990s’,… Read More »

Thaddea’s House in France


My friend Thaddea is an artist.  Her particular craft is creating beauty wherever she lives.  For the past decade she’s lived in Souvigny, a little village near Moulins, which is NW of Lyon and SW of Dijon, France.  Before that she lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thaddea’s friend Mona brought her friend Nancy Grayson… Read More »

So many B’s…


Today, in Brooklandville, Barbara saw a Bentley.  It was Beautiful!  But, Barbara needs a Benefactor!

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