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Hello Dale Cards Fans! So, my girlfriend who is a Digital Creative Director pointed out to me that the two categories of cards which sell the best on the Café Press website ( are, number one, cards for CATS, and number two, cards for LESBIANS. I already had a great idea for Lesbians, so one… Read More »

Visiting with Harry Perry


Visiting with Harry Perry, my Andover class of 69 classmate.  He’s a famous Venice Beach street performer.

Dreidel Card


Meat Baby

The Meat Baby.  Look at that bacon diaper.  And one little bacon tooth. thisiswhyyourefat

A Visit to Charm City Cakes and The Diz


My friend Al and I went to lunch at The Diz.  It’s a wonderful little restaurant across the street from Duff Goldman’s Charm City Cakes.  The Diz has the very best chicken wings seasoned with Old Bay in the entire universe. After lunch we walked across the street and took a few pictures at Charm… Read More »

English Fried Breakfast

thisiswhyyourefat: Meatini A full English fried breakfast served in a cocktail glass made out of bacon. (via rathergood)

Rubber Duckies under a Hockney


Rubber duckies aren’t just for kids.  Why sit in the bath tub with nothing to do?  Rubber duckie, you’re the one.  Two.  Three.  Four! Rubber duckies under a Hockney.

The Drunken Mug


Here’s an interesting little curiosity.  I found it at a flea market.  One side of the mug is a guy with one set of eyes.  And, on the other side he’s got two sets of eyes.  What brilliant, stoned guy thought of this?  Were there a lot of these mugs made?  Did people actually buy… Read More »

Mmmmmmm Grapes!


“Mmmmmmm Grapes!” A pastel painting by Barbara Dale

Meet Jack Perrin

I’d like to introduce you to Jack Perrin, artist extraordinaire.  First, he created the performance piece above, imitating my “Mmmmm Grapes!” pastel painting.  Then he drew the remarkable, “When I Grow Up I Want to Be an Artist.”  Jack depicts himself in the center of the page and the only bit of color is his… Read More »

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