80s Working Woman comics book cover

The Working Woman Book

Or How to Be Everything to Everyone 



The cartoon humor in this collection centers around the absurdly hectic life of a permanently frazzled working woman who represents the antithesis of the too-together, dressed-for-success woman.

ISBN-10: 0836212541


Motherhood comics book cover

The Joys of Motherhood

by Barbara & Jim Dale



In a series of mother-to-mother phone conversations expressed through prose and cartoons that span the book, the Dales take readers from pregnancy to the kids going to college.

ISBN-10: 0836220978

ISBN-13: 978-0836220971

Getting Old is Pigeon Poop

by Barbara & Jim Dale



32 pages

ISBN-10: 0-8362-8927-7

ISBN-13: 978-0836230505

publisher: Andrews & McMeel

Happy Bday minibook cover

Happy Birthday to Someone Who Isn’t Very Old in Dog Years

by Barbara & Jim Dale


(Hardback Mini-Book)

Dimensions: 3.12 x 1.01 x 4.08 inches


publisher: Andrews & McMeel

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The Meal Book Cover

The Meal

One of a Kind Art Book

by Barbara Dale

In Production

Trump eats the United States.

Newton’s Room

by Barbara Dale

In Production

Newton learns how to explore the world and goes from black and white to color.

Zipster and Zanna book

Zipster and Zanna

by John Burkoff & Barbara Dale

In Production

Zipster and Zanna learn the differences between Earth and their home planet of Zeenus.